How do we identify Kidney disease in patients with diabetes?

Diabetes is a very common problem in our people.
People with diabetes may develop kidney disease. In fact, 40% of diabetes patients develop kidney failure in their lifetime. So it is important to know about kidney disease in diabetes.

Below are the indications for having kidney disease

1) Bubbles in Urine or Froth in Urine

2) Swollen legs - in the evening times or after a long walk

3) Breathing difficulty

4) Poor blood pressure control

5) Weakness

6) Blurred vision

7) Reduced urination

How common to get kidney failure in diabetes patients?

Kidney damage is common in diabetes. It is silent, devastating and costly. Many a times, kidney disease in diabetes is silent and do not produce any svmptoms silent doesn't mean it stavs silentv in our boav. it is not a silent bystander. In fact Kidney Disease in people with diabetes is "Disease multiplier* which accelerates other diseases. For example, diabetic patients with kidney disease often develop heart attacks, brain strokes which cause early death.

What tests are required to test for Kidney health in diabetes?

Two simple and easily available tests

1) Urine Albumin/Creatinine Ratio

2) Creatinine levels in Blood

How frequently we check for Kidney Health in Diabetes?

We recommended to check for kidney health once in a year.

How not to get Kidney disease in diabetes?

Healthy diet and lifestyle, good sugar and BP control are essential to prevent kidney disease. Adopt Low Carb complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and low protein dietary regimens are helpful to make kidneys healthy. Whole Food Plant Based diet gives you alkaline low protein, Complex and Low Carb diet which helps kidneys in a better way.

Do we have treatment for Kidney Disease in Diabetes?


We have good drugs to help protect kidneys in diabetes like SGLT-2 inhibitors, ARB drugs and GLP-1 agonists helps prevent kidney failure in diabetes patients.