HelloKidney.ai is the India’s first connected health platform for chronic kidney patients

Who We Are ?

We are a team of Nephrologists with more than 15 years of clinical practice in a fragmented, reactive health system that witnessed poor outcomes and more deaths in patients with kidney disease.

We are on a mission to challenge the status quo and enhance the health and lives of 840 million kidney patients by providing personalized and predictive treatment solutions through our human-centric converging technologies.

The Problem Statement

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a common, under treated, under-diagnosed condition. CKD affects 840 million people worldwide, yet 90% do not know that they have a disease, and 5 million individuals die every year due to kidney failure. CKD has become a lifestyle disease as 40% of diabetes and 20% of hypertensives eventually develop kidney failure in their lifetime.

CKD is a complex progressive disease often associated with multiple co-morbidities like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart-related issues.They develop severe kidney failure requiring risky invasive procedures like dialysis or transplantation to sustain life or die early with heart failure with inferior outcomes at a substantial economic cost.

Our Mission

Building digital innovative solutions that pierce through inevitable barriers to address patients real challenges

Our Vision

Impact health & lives of millions of chronic patients through convergence of Healthcare with cutting-edge technologies.


How We Can Help

HelloKidney.ai solves real-life clinical problems of kidney patients with intelligent digital health solutions and helps manage live longer and healthier. The existing health system cannot meet the challenges of kidney patients due to high cost, inaccessibility to professional care, and fragmented services.

HelloKidney.ai shifts focus of care from "one size fits all" approach to precision medicine. Our Kidney digital twin model and intelligent AI algorithms predict and provide the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.

We put the patient at the center of our care pathway with the primary objective of delaying or avoiding disease progression, risk factor management, cardiovascular risk protection, precision kidney nutrition, medication adherence and making patients live healthier.

Our Partners

Our area of practice is quite wide: design, graphics, branding, development.

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