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Here are few things to know before you apply.


What is is a revolutionary platform that uses advanced AI technology to improve kidney care. We provide solutions for early detection, continuous monitoring, and effective management of kidney diseases..


How does work? leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze patients' health data, predict kidney disease progression, and provide personalized care recommendations. Our solutions include a smartphone app for easy home-based diagnosis, AI-powered remote care, personalized dialysis therapy, and proactive post-transplant care.


Who can use can be used by patients with kidney diseases, individuals at risk of developing kidney diseases, healthcare providers, and hospitals. We aim to make kidney care accessible to everyone.


How does improve kidney care? focuses on early detection and intervention, personalized treatment, and effective disease management. We aim to slow down disease progression, improve patient outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs related to kidney diseases.


What data is required to use

The data required varies depending on the specific services used. This can include personal health information, medical history, current medication, lifestyle habits, and other relevant data. All data is securely handled and privacy is strictly maintained.


Is my data secure with

Yes, at we take data security very seriously. We adhere to all necessary regulations and standards to ensure that your data is kept secure and confidential.


Can I use with my current healthcare provider?

Yes, can complement the care provided by your healthcare provider. We encourage collaboration between patients, healthcare providers, and our platform to ensure the best possible outcomes.


How can I get started with

You can get started by downloading our smartphone app or contacting our team for more information. We're here to support your journey towards better kidney health.