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Kidney Care

We are on a mission to change the trajectory of kidney disease by empowering patients and medical professionals to stay ahead of Chronic Kidney Disease with our digital therapeutics, remote monitoring, big data and AI.


Enhancing kidney health

Kidney Health

840 million people live with kidney disease, but 9 out of 10 don't know it. You can lose 90% of kidney function before showing symptoms. Get tested to stay ahead of kidney disease."


4 out of 10 people with advanced kidney disease are unaware of their disease, and 1 out of 2 people crash into dialysis without any warning. Our personalised data-driven continuous care keeps you stay healthy and away from dialysis.


2.5 million people are surviving on dialysis. But feeling healthy on dialysis can be tough. Our technology-powered personalised dialysis care lowers costs, cuts hospital admissions, and boosts your overall health.


Improve outcomes with data
driven meticulous and proactive kidney care

01. Track

Track and store all your health data in one place and receive real-time guidance beyond the hospital walls. With predictive analytics, we can identify early medical issues and prevent them with timely treatment.

02. Understand

Our platform provides personalised care plans, integrated health trackers, and customized education to help patients make informed clinical decisions

03. Treatment

Effective and personalised treatment based on various health parameters and real-time health data.

04. Improve

Proactive, effective and efficient management reduce costs, hospital readmissions and improve outcomes.


Integrated technology-driven
Kidney Care Platform


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HelloKidney.ai is a revolutionary platform that uses advanced AI technology to improve kidney care. We provide solutions for early detection, continuous monitoring,and effective management of kidney diseases.

HelloKidney.ai leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze patients' health data, predict kidney disease progression, and provide personalized care recommendations. Our solutions include a smartphone app for easy home-based diagnosis, AI-powered remote care, personalized dialysis therapy, and proactive post-transplant care.

HelloKidney.ai can be used by patients with kidney diseases, individuals at risk of developing kidney diseases, healthcare providers, and hospitals. We aim to make kidney care accessible to everyone.

HelloKidney.ai focuses on early detection and intervention, personalized treatment, and effective disease management. We aim to slow down disease progression, improve patient outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs related to kidney diseases.


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We value the trust you place in us. Safeguarding your privacy is important to HelloKidney, and we protect your information using the safest encryption standards and privacy-safe practices.

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